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Initial and Subsequent Appointments

My most important commitment to you is to getting to know your child. During our initial time together, I will conduct a comprehensive diagnostic assessment via in-depth interview. We will review current and past psychiatric history, as well as medical, developmental, family, social and educational histories. This appointment will last approximately two hours.

During that time, I get to know your child and begin to explore the outside forces and influences – positive and negative – impacting your child. To better understand how your child responds to those outside influences, with your consent I may speak with teachers, family members, pediatricians, therapists and anyone else you feel would be appropriately helpful in the treatment process. Through these conversations, we can work together to create an appropriate and dedicated plan of treatment to help your child. We will we use subsequent visits to check your child’s progress against the established goals.

For children 12 or under, I split the initial evaluation into two separate sessions lasting an hour each. In the first session, I meet with parent(s) alone. In the second, I meet with the child and the parent, also spending time meeting alone with the child.

For teens 13 and older, I typically meet briefly with teen and parent and then just with the teen, allowing time for parents at the end of the session if needed.

For young adults, I typically meet with them alone, but am open to collaborating with parents as appropriate (with my patient’s consent).

After the initial evaluation, we will formulate a treatment plan together. This may include a recommendation for further assessments such as lab work or psychoeducational testing. With consent, I may also gather information from additional sources, including physicians, schools, family members, etc. to create an overall treatment plan. This plan may include pharmacological (medication) and non-pharmacological treatment options. Pharmacological recommendations are typically part of a multi-faceted treatment package, which may also feature lifestyle changes, physical activity and talk therapy. We may also suggest a genetic test that, based on key genes in a patient’s DNA, can indicate which medications are likely to be most effective or cause adverse side effects.

Typical follow up appointments are 30 minutes, although can be longer if necessary or desired.

I value and incorporate (as needed and as appropriate) parent involvement in the treatment process.

Medication Management Appointments

Medication is often an integral part of psychiatric treatment and requires a strong, trusting therapeutic relationship. In these visits, I will discuss potential benefits and risks of medication, monitor response to medication, determine optimal dosing and duration, and if a change or discontinuation of medication is recommended.

I understand that for many parents, medicating their child can be a difficult decision. Rest assured that if there any concerns regarding initiating medication, we will take the time to discuss them together. I am here to inform, educate and make recommendations, but the ultimate decision falls to the parent(s) or the patient.


Much of the work of managing medications is psychotherapeutic in nature. Having said that, I do see some patients who have either discontinued medication or do not take medication and are doing only psychotherapy work. This occurs on a very limited basis as my schedule does not allow for the weekly time typically required.

Additional Information

  • I do not work with directly with insurance companies. I do provide patients with a detailed receipt at each appointment with the necessary information for submission to their insurance companies.
  • Payment is due at time of service. I accept cash, checks and major credit cards.
  • As a mandated reporter by the State of New York, I am required by law to report any cases of suspected or confirmed child abuse or neglect.



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