The journey to better mental health can be long, but it’s a road that we can travel together.

"With the new day comes new strength

We are here to support our patients and help them on their path to happier more productive lives. 

and new thoughts."

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Welcome To My Practice

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

I love the energy, honesty and humor of children and adolescents. During my 20-year career as a practicing Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, my goal has always been to establish trusting relationships with my patients that allow us to build treatment plans integrating their personal strengths and abilities. I opened my private practice in Huntington, NY in 2007, and through a comprehensive and collaborative approach, strive to understand how my patients fit within the larger context of family, school and community. I work closely with parents, therapists, pediatricians and schools – taking a team approach to improve the mental health of my patients.

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Working with Dr. Bruning

What to expect.

My practice is a little different. If you’re looking to drop in for a 10-minute session, receive a prescription, and you’re on your way, this may not be the place for you. I value time. Time to get to know my patients. Time to understand who they are and the context in which they move within the world around them.

Treatment Areas

In addition to providing comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, psychotherapy, and
medication management, I also help patients with:


Eating Disorders


Academic Struggles


Autism Spectrum Disorder

Mood Disorders

Family Wellbeing

Memberships & Certifications

Resources for Families of Children with Special Needs

Information for parents, siblings and friends.

Life changes for everyone when a child with special needs enters a family. For siblings especially, the changes and adjustments can be challenging, but also full of positive outcomes. Siblings often develop greater patience and possess deeper feelings of empathy. But they may also worry about their sibling, sometimes feel resentful at having to care for or explain their sibling’s behavior or feel pressure to do and be what their sibling cannot. At my practice, we love working with these special siblings to help them work through their feelings and be able to voice their concerns and worries. Click the link below for some resources that may prove helpful or enlightening to families comprised of special needs children and typical developing children as well.

What I’m Reading

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Mood Disorders

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